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This is Bahari

Inspired by games like Abzu and Pokemon Snap, we created Bahari, an atmospheric single player adventure game focusing on exploration and photography. 

You are a  free diver whose passion for underwater photography will take you to discover the beautiful depths of the sea. 

As a free diver you need to keep track of your oxygen level with the beats of your heart and make sure to refill your exhausted lungs from time to time. You’ll also be equipped with your trusty camera, with which you'll be able to photograph the terrain and fishes around you. 

We made this

Bahari is a student project made in 4 weeks at Futuregames Higher Vocational Educations in Stockholm, Sweden. The team included Karl Ehrnström, Linnea Fare, Felix Ferm, Lena Sonnbrink, Jesper Strand, Alexander Andersson, Victoria Reinhold, Gabriel Sánchez Valdés, Kristoffer Brander, Henning Sundell, Johnny Chang, Grimm Svenkerud, Dennis Abramsson, Ebba Taberman.

* Some known bugs have been fixed but there might still be a few issues left, we hope you can enjoy it anyway :)


BahariGame-Team4-Futuregames.zip 616 MB

Install instructions

Just download and play, it's an exe-file.


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I really enjoyed this sweet little experience, very atmospheric and relaxing. :)

I just streamed this and wow!!! It looks and runs really well, especially considering the time crunch. I love the vibe and can definitely see the Abzu influence. Great job! :D

A beautiful game. Very relaxing.

Thanks for playing and uploading on Youtube! We appreciate that you liked it :D

This game looks amazing!

Thank you so much! hope you enjoyed it :)